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Let me recap quickly – we previously shared the one page Business Plan (in our first blog), then we gave you the Stairway to Heaven (in our second blog) and now we have another of our top downloads for you – one of the most requested . . .

Today you have our ‘Default Diary’. That’s basically like a school timetable but it’s your life and business timetable.

And in the same way your old school timetable helped you manage your lessons so that you were ready for the end of year tests, and ready to go to the next level, THIS download helps you manage your work and personal life so that you get the right things done, at the right time.

All of our downloads are available to you in the ‘Free Resources section of the free 90dayplanning facebook group.

Click through and get your copy now. Remember that when you create yours it’s not a rigid set plan. It’s a plan for what you do ‘by default‘, If something crops up that needs your attention it means that you can ‘move’ what you had in your calendar, rather than forgetting it. So don’t fill up all the spaces. And remember to group your activities ‘like with like’ to make the most of your time. And leave a few 90 minute slots to work ON your business. We’ll be back next time with something to help you manage your financials to give you better controls.

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