Stairway to Heaven

Hello again.  Did you download the simplest One Page Business Plan from our free facebook group?  It’s the simplest one we’ve seen but not to be underestimated J  Quick and easy to score yourself and decide which area needs most work in your business.

We promised you more of our top downloads so here is one that works brilliantly alongside the One Page 9 Box Business Plan we shared with you previously.

Today we are sharing The Stairway to Heaven with you.

This is another simple one-page plan that you can customise and put up on your wall to keep your 12 month goals visible all the time.  We suggest you download it then personalise it.

You’ll find the template in the 90dayplanning free Facebook group.  Go to ‘Files (you’ll find it on the right-hand side of the menu bar under ‘More’).  Scroll down the list of downloads and select the Stairway To Heaven document.

You can hand write your document or use the template to print and hand write.  You might want to put personal goals on one side and business goals on the other to achieve a good balance.

You’ll see it looks at your year ahead – great to use for 2021 planning.  It also chunks your timeline down into quarters and then months.  This helps you make it easy to see what needs doing first, then next, to step you up your stairway.

It also lists the 6 keys to making sure you achieve your goals. 

Enjoy having your major goals for the year on one page!  Download it now with our compliments and keep your eye on the prize.

We’ll be back with another top download in our next blog – the next one will be about managing your time and your tasks in the most structured, yet flexible way.  It will save you hours every week.  I think you’ll love it!

Have fun!

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