3 Quick Tips To Remove Stress From Your Money/Financials!

Let me know which is your favourite.

  1. My absolute top tip is simple:   download our “FINANCIAL ACCELERATOR PLAN” PDF.  2 Simple Steps towards Financial Growth & Freedom.
    Once you have it, take a little time to customise the 2 parts. 
    Part 1 – this covers what you do/check/update EVERY MONTH.
    Part 2 – this covers EACH MONTH throughout the year so you only need to look at the current month once you’ve updated this part.

    How easy is that?
    But will you do it?

    Because you won’t believe how easy it is to get control of your money.  You may have heard ‘cash is king’ – so understanding your cashflow, knowing what’s going on AND being ready for everything throughout the year can be really easy with this 2 part plan. 

    Use it to know the highs, the lows, the ‘normal’ months and the ‘unusual spikes’ – including those annual bills like renewals, tax bills, even accountancy bills.

    Don’t ever be surprised again!
    OR – don’t bother and continue on the rollercoaster of ups and downs and ‘unexpected’ shortfalls in your bank account or reserve fund.

    (You DO have a reserve don’t you?)
  2. Use your Calendar to claim time to regularly check your accounts and everything money-related.   I personally have a weekly ‘default’ to think ‘MONEY’ every Tuesday.  It’s an automatic ‘trigger’ for me.  Every Tuesday I ask myself ‘do I need to do anything with money?’

    EG:  Pay bills, check we’ve received all payments in.  Meet up with bookkeepers or accountants.  Check account balances.  Anything money related.

    I also schedule 2 x calls a month with my bookkeeper to review the MMI (see next tip!)
  3. Review the MMI – that’s Monthly Management Information.
    It’s a simple spreadsheet that mostly consists of this 2 part download I’m offering completely free.  This is easy when you use the ‘Financial Accelerator Plan’ I’ve mentioned in tip 1 above.  It’s such a simple process and once personalised, it’s quick and easy to review the 2 parts regularly (see tip 2!).

    In fact – it’s so simple that our Bookkeeper updates it and then talks me through it on a zoom call.  That means I’m totally up to date, in control and confident. We’re usually done in 20 minutes including handling any queries AND having a nice catchup chat.  
    You can too . . . IF you do it.

So – would you like a copy of the UPDATED “FINANCIAL ACCELERATOR PLAN” so you can have the same confidence with your financials?

I’ve done the hard work so all YOU have to do is customise it to you . . .  I mean, seriously, why wouldn’t you???


It’s things like this that give me MORE FREEDOM and MORE CHOICES.

Isn’t that what we all want?

Let me know how they help you and which is your favourite?

Your LinkedIn tip:

You know that social proof is very important when it comes to selling & promoting your products and services, right?

It’s what builds trust with your audience and pushes them to actually buy from you.

Yet, so many people fail to communicate the social proof they’ve built.

That’s something you should be doing on your LinkedIn content:

Showing that you are your own testimonial.

Just like Tyler did on this post right here:

Here’s the thing about this kind of content:

If you can’t clearly show how the products & services you’re selling have had an impact on you, why should others trust you?

If you’re not living proof of what you’re preaching, it’s unlikely others will be willing to give you their money.

So, the takeaway is this:

Use social media to show how you have achieved some sort of transformation with what you’re trying to sell.

Create content around it. Give examples of how your life/business changed. Be your own testimonial.

It’s the best way to build trust online.

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