Take 5-10 minutes to quickly answer these questions to check in on just how clear YOU ARE about what you’re selling and why people should buy from you.

I promise @everyone – a few minutes reviewing this will make your sales easier and you’re likely to get some very useful insights!

  1. What’s the BENEFIT of what you sell/offer/provide? (To your clients/buyers)
  2. What is the VALUE to your buyers? Think VALUE not price. If appropriate use the word INVESTMENT rather than price in your communications – especially Marketing.
  3. Remember people buy on EMOTION more than need. (See Q4!)
  4. How will your offering HELP THEM and how will they FEEL when they have it? How well do you communicate that in your offer – and how can you improve it?
  5. How EASY TO BUY is what you offer? Do they need to jump through hoops or is it straightforward?
  6. How do they ask QUESTIONS about it? And how do you answer?
  7. What happens AFTER THEY BUY?

There are a few things to consider. One of my favourite exercises to recommend to business owners of all types is to walk through your Customer Journey.

What does it feel like for them, put yourself in THEIR shoes, how easy is it to move through the process, and how good will they feel (and why?) after they buy from YOU.

Remember the old quote about people need to:

  • Meet
  • Know
  • Like and
  • Trust you

Then it’s easier for them to buy from you.

Think about something YOU bought recently.

What was it that made you decide to buy? Chances are it’s more about the feeling than the actual thing. What will having it really give you? Dig deep on this – it can be really enlightening. The first answer is usually only the tip of the iceberg.

Take some time to put yourself in your customer/client’s shoes. Hope these ideas help.

Let me know what you take from this.

That’s exactly right.

You have a sales asset that you probably are not even aware of.

You might be using it, but chances are you’re not paying enough attention to it.

And you probably don’t realize what a game-changer it can become for you.

Any idea what it is?




Again: your headlines!

In other words, the titles you use to catch our audience’s attention.

Whether it’s on a sales page, an ad, a lead magnet, a blog post, an article, the subject line in an email, the title to your last video, headlines do a lot of the selling for you.

That’s why you can’t ignore them. As they say: “headlines sell papers”.

You must become a skilled headline creator.

You must use them everywhere.

And, there’s probably one place where you’re not using them at all:

In your videos.

So, how do you add a headline to your videos?

Just look at the following example from Christine Walker:

That headline Christine added to her video, allows her audience to understand in just 1 or 2 seconds what they can expect from that piece of content.

Nobody spends 2, 5, 10, or more minutes on a video without knowing what it’s about.

It’s a waste of time for any content consumer. It’s too much risk.

How many of the videos you’ve uploaded to social media have a headline?

Probably none. And that’s because it takes video editing skills.

But please know, the likelihood that someone will notice and watch your video without an attention-grabbing headline is minimal.

It’s hard enough to get anyone to notice you online these days, anyway.

So, you might as well take the extra time to learn how to use a simple tool that allows you to quickly edit your videos and add a sexy, attention-grabbing headline to them.

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