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Table of Resources

Check out our Friday Focus Resources List
11 Things To Do! Video Audio
7 Videos You Need To Record Video Audio
11 Things - UPDATE & Q2 Review and Q3 Planning Video Audio
Balancing Mental, Emotional Physical, social/spiritual and financial + useful links Video Audio
Marketing Tips & Strategies for now Video Audio
Monthly Processes Video Audio
Andy Gwynn's webinar - How To Leverage Linkedin's Feed Algorithm to Gain Maximum Exposure - And be Heard Above the Increased Noise! Video Audio
The Bookkeeper Checklist - Customising it to save hours and stress Video Audio
LBs & NTs explained + 9 Things as we ease lockdown Video Audio
RESULTS: Box 9 of the NEEBS Model (Nine Essential Elements for Business Success) 1 page plan Video Audio
Your Stairway to Heaven Video Audio
Managing Yourself, Your Time & Your Tasks Video Audio
Marketing - including your 7 Sentence Marketing Plan Video Audio
Using the DiSC Behavioural Profiling system to understand yourelf and others better - 2 key questions to help you Video Not Available
5 Keys to Networking (on and offline) Video Audio
Vision + Goals + LBs & NTs to Drive Change in your business! Last Friday Focus 'LIVE' session. Video Audio
Default Diary - why it matters, how to create it Video Not Available

9 Box Model

9 Boxes, 3 Pillars, 4 Cornerstones, 1 Page