Your 90 second business bites. Episode: 2022 06 24


If TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More, who is really pulling their weight on your team?

Ah – second question – Who is on your team?

Well, first there is YOU. And if you’re the business owner then you set the ‘mood of the camp’ and lead the way.

I see many who honestly think they’re solopreneurs and don’t have a team. I’ll have a bet with you that – even if you think it’s just you – you DO have a team.

There’s your home team, your family, friends and social circle. Having great relationships there often helps us show up better at work.

I’d put money on you having a bank, a solicitor, an accountant, a mortgage broker, financial adviser . . . Maybe you have a bookkeeper? Is there someone you ‘team up’ with regularly – a joint venture partner, strategic alliance, network group?

If you have property you rent out you’ll have tenants, maybe a power team of plumbers, electricians, etc. Perhaps managing agents (we have great ones who are worth every penny we pay them!) Do you consider your clients to be part of your team?

I could go on but you get the idea.

If you haven’t worked out who is ON your team already, how can you make the best of them and keep in touch?


I’ll start with a tip.

Step 1 – Create a list of your ‘Internal Team’ and another of your ‘External Team’. Start writing now. Once that’s done

Step 2 – Think about how you communicate and keep in touch with them. For example, we share tips and updates with you each week – short and simple.

Our clients get weekly communications. We keep in touch with family. We thank our managing agents. Again, you get the idea. What’s right for you?

And if you’re ready to recruit team we have a really simple way to help make sure you look for the right person. It’s a simple one page sheet that helps you with your ‘Decision-Making Process’.

We’ve created a template so you can customise your own version and save hours! And make your choices based on logic and emotion 😉 It’s so simple.

Want a copy? Reply saying ‘Decision Making’ and we’ll get a copy to you.


Today I bring you a simple formula for your next LinkedIn post.

It’s the “Expectation Vs. Reality Listicle” post. And it’s very easy to create. You only need 3 things.

First, you need to identify a topic that’s relevant in your industry and that allows for a certain level of disagreement. And what I mean by “disagreement” is that it allows different people to think differently about the topic, whether they’re right or wrong.

For example, a topic could be boss-employee relationships. Or, personal finance management. Or, the struggles of starting your own business.

(Tip: any topic that is too technical – for example, the fundamental laws of physics- won’t work for this type of post because it’s not easy to challenge.)

Second, you need to create a list of 4-5 key elements of how most people traditionally think about the topic you chose.

And third, you create the same list but with the 4-5 key elements of how you think about it.

Here’s an example that will show you exactly what I mean: (see image below) And that is it!

As long as you choose the right topic for your audience and you actually challenge traditional thinking in a way that makes sense, this post will create a reaction for your readers.

I hope you like this idea, but more important than that, that you actually give it a try!


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