Your 90 second business bites. Episode: 2022 06 24


This week we are all about RESULTS. Here we all are – wrapping up another quarter – and you know us (we’re all about the magic of 90!). Chunking down the year into 4 x 90day parts makes it easier to focus on goals and reviewing achievements and results. We then chunk each quarter down into months to make success inevitable.

In fact while you’re reading this email, we’re with our clients online today at our 90dayplanning Full Day Workshop helping them to review Quarter 2 (April, May and June) and get ready to plan Q3 (July, August and September). Isn’t it amazing how fast each quarter goes!

For too many business owners it happens so fast that they don’t really track their RESULTS in a meaningful way. They’re not always certain of the real progress they’re making.

We already know our clients are achieving things like ‘a predictable recurring revenue that increases each quarter’ (they know the figures too); and they’re winning more business because they’ve made adjustments to their sales process. They’re renegotiating retainers and charging MORE for less time. Because they know their RESULTS.


We help our clients get clear on their own KPIs – Key Performance Indicators. Identifying the right ones means you measure what matters, to you. And what you measure, you can manage. And increase!

Want a copy? We reward action-takers. Reply with ‘KPI’ and we’ll send you a copy so you can focus on what matters and see your improvements each quarter.


I found this post on LinkedIn today and thought it was a wonderful reminder to share with you.

Here it is:


Remember, most things in marketing work best when you keep them simple but you execute relentlessly.

I hope this reminder inspires you to do so!

If you need a hand managing your time and being consistent, you can use our ‘default diary’.

This is one of our most simple downloads that can impact you the most. Create a routine with your weekly or daily tasks and use this to stay consistent.

Want a copy? Click here:

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