What’s your reason why?



Sometimes it can be too easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stresses of work, running a business, managing a team, working with clients, getting the job done . . . and to be so caught up that you lose sight of WHY you’re doing all this.

In the middle of the busy-ness of business we can lose sight of a few really important things, like:

  • the people you love, live with & hang around with (or not – if you’ve ended up on the hamster wheel going faster and faster, working longer hours to get stuff done)
  • your overall life balance – especially of mixing work, rest and play.  When you’re overly busy you are probably not recharging your own batteries – do you get enough down time, enough sleep, and are you eating well?
  • your health – because life and business is a marathon – NOT a sprint.  If you’re finding yourself sprinting too much then chances are you’re not taking care of your own wellbeing.  That could be physical health (if you have a smart watch that TELLS you to stand up every hour, do you?); it could be emotional health, mental health or intellectual health (are you keeping up to date with the outside world and changes or is that all just passing you by?)
  • no doubt you can add to this list . . . 


Look at the overall BALANCE of your life.  Have you got one?   Is it the balance you want?

Start claiming time for YOU and your family, friends and social group(s).

But remember . . . YOU FIRST . . . because unless you take care of yourself, you’re not as good as you could be for everyone else.  

Self care is not selfish.  There is a big difference.

As my dad always said “look after number 1, then you can look after number 2, 3, 4, ….. etc” . . . and if you are strong that spreads out in waves.

As a teenager I thought that sounded selfish but over the years I’ve come to understand the deep wisdom in it.  

It’s one of the reasons every day – for me – starts with the ‘Miracle Morning’ – if you haven’t read the simple book by Hal Elrod – I recommend you check it out.  This was the foundation for my own “Morning Routine” guide.  

Let me know if you’d like a copy to customise your own Morning Routine.

I’m on year 8 of this as a practice and it’s a daily habit and routine that ensures I start my day right, every day.  It’s still the mainstay of every day – even at times like now, when I’m in Illinois, heading to Tennessee.  It’s like brushing my teeth . . . automatic.

You deserve to start your day in the best way for you too . . . let me know your thoughts.


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You might be struggling with coming up with ideas on what to post. 

Here’s the thing:

It doesn’t have to be that complicated. 

One thing you can do is simply write about what’s currently happening in your industry. 

Be the news broadcaster in your specific niche. 

Like Tony Jamous did on this post:

So, why did Tony post this?

Well, if you check his profile out you’ll notice he talks about The Future Of Work. 

And digital nomad visas & remote working are a part of that. 

So, now think about your industry.

What is currently happening in it that can be of interest to your audience? 


EG:  We’ve created a free guide that covers the ‘9 Key Points To Creating a Powerful Personal Profile’ See how to to easily connect with your ideal prospects, form relationships and develop conversations and sales – all of this WITHOUT cold calling or messaging anyone with ‘spammy’ sales messages. 

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