People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!



You probably already know that most CLIENTS LEAVE for one main reason.  It can be summed up as ‘perceived indifference’.  You’ll have also heard it referred to in the quote ‘people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care’. 

And that’s the problem – being a busy business owner means that you can get caught up in the day to day running of the business and forget to let your clients know you’re there for them.

How often do you contact them?  Do they know what to expect from you?  And do they know WHEN you’re likely to contact them?

I’ve heard some business owners say ‘I don’t want to contact my clients in case they cancel’ – What???

If you know there might be an issue you need to get in touch with them sooner rather than later.

Because – and you know this! – someone else will.

And if a client feels that that other person – your competitor – cares more about them than you do, you’ve already lost the battle.

I’ve said elsewhere it’s like the ‘when’s the best time to tell your partner you love them?’ joke.*

If you want the answer – read on . . . 


Once you take on a client – that’s where your Marketing and Sales sequences end but your RETENTION STRATEGIES begin!

Let me give you some very quick – and simple – plain English tips:

  • keep in touch – and let them know how and when you will do that and how they can contact you.
  • make it easy for them to contact you/connect with you/your team – give them a ‘Who’s Who’ if that’s appropriate.  We provide a Welcome Guide as well as a Guide to Each Quarter for our 90dayaccelerator members – so they know exactly WHAT is happening and WHEN. And we have a simple calendar they can download so they KNOW what’s happening.
  • managing expectations is the key foundation stone for your communication with clients
  • Community matters to many people – a feeling of belonging and being in a supportive group which is a safe space for them can be a huge benefit.  Can you give your clients a sense of community?  Maybe with an online group, facebook, whatsapp – there are plenty of opportunities.

Let me know if any of those ideas help.

*And if you’re still wondering what the answer was to the joke, it’s ‘the best time to tell your partner you love them is before someone else does!’.  It’s exactly the same for your clients if RETENTION is important to you.

After all, it’s often a lot of work to take on a new client.  Why wouldn’t you look after them and build the relationships?

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I’ve got a post for you today with two lessons. 

​​​​​​​Here it is:

The first lesson is about the classic question everyone has:

What should I talk about in my content?

And my answer is to do exactly what Ana did in this post:

Simply talk about the things you do.

You see, you might not realise it, but not everyone has the same knowledge or experience in your field as you do.

Your process behind how you solve a particular problem is valuable information for your audience. 

So, share it 😉

Now, the second lesson here is what Ana is actually sharing in her post. 

I would give it another read because the ideas she is sharing about finding inspiration for content is on point. 


EG:  One of our most difficult things when it comes to posting regularly on LinkedIn is coming up with consistent ideas for content and what content works best for your business. 

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