Do you acknowledge your team’s contributions?


Let’s get straight to it today – especially as I’ve made us late sending this out.

Today the topic is TEAM and we believe it stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.

Who is on your team?  At work or at home or socially?   Chances are there are plenty of people who help you to do what you do.  

Do you take the time to acknowledge their contribution and appreciate them?

We’re also lucky to live in a village that knows the importance of this.  It’s the care that makes a community – where everyone is included and appreciated.  In August we had the village Feria/Fair/Fiesta and it lasted 4 days.  It started with an invitation to all the ‘mayores’ (people 65+ who were invited by the Mayor to lunch.  A wonderful time was had by all.  People who we sometimes don’t see are celebrated and brought by their kids/grandkids and waited on hand and foot – by the Mayor and his Team no less.  It’s wonderful.

And it was a fantastic opportunity to meet the parents of many of our Spanish friends.  Everyone attending received a small gift and the lunch was from 2.30-5pm.  Actually it was longer but I left at 5pm – the singing and dancing went on long after and it was great fun.  The older people here seem pretty indestructible – I think it’s the inclusion and the love and support and appreciation that keeps them well and happy.

The reason I’m late sending this out is because the 2nd Sunday in September is the local ‘Vineros’ – the Wine Festival.  One day but everyone makes the most of it.  Team work definitely makes the dream work.

The village square is packed, pop-up bars to take care of everyone.  Food is plentiful and cheap and there are so many friends to catch up with throughout the day and evening.  We had friends over and also had ‘open house’ which was a real appreciation of TEAM!


What will you do to show your appreciation to someone who is on YOUR TEAM – business or personal?

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We all know that nobody builds something meaningful completely by themselves. 

 Any business or goal that you want to achieve requires a team of people supporting it. 

 And LinkedIn is a great place to show your appreciation for that support. 

 Appreciation for those who make your dreams possible. 

 Take a look at this example from Sanja Sremacki:

Tanja’s post is simple. 

But it definitely transmits the love she has for her team. 

For her team, it’s certainly a post they can be proud of. 

And for her audience, it’s a great way of learning more about Tanja, what her values are and what she’s trying to accomplish. 

 Who has supported you in your career?

 Who would you like to thank or give a shout-out to?

 Take a moment today or this week to show your appreciation. 

 Kindness will always get you far. 


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