9 Box Model – Introduction

2020 – What It Did For Us & What It Means For You?

How was it for you? Did you have to make radical changes in the blink of an eye? Didn’t we all. Let me share briefly what happened to us and what it means for you . . . I promise, it is good for you!

Friday 13th has historically been really good for me and so it was in March (in a surprising way) when we went to our local restaurant in the village where we have our Spanish home. The plan was to eat, drink, say our temporary goodbyes and pay our bill for the previous week. We did all of that, and more.

We watched the news on in the background . . . oh oh! Spain was going into lockdown on Saturday 14th March. Coronavirus was now a real threat and life was changing fast. Andy was due to speak at Berkshire pin (Property Investors Network) on the Monday! What should we do?

As we realized the seriousness of the situation we wondered. Should we even think of flying back if there was a possibility we could contract the virus on our travels through two major airports to get back? Andy’s parents are in their late 70s and it didn’t seem like a good idea. We rang the wonderful Donna at pin and had several conversations that night. We decided to stay and respect the lockdown. (Good job as the flight we were due to leave on was turned around over Spain so it never arrived for us to board!)

The following days were a flurry of working with Donna and pin and helping them to move to online. We supported in every way we could – helping with documenting training and anything we could. And Andy DID deliver on the Monday evening – via zoom which (fortunately) we were already long time users of.

The following weeks we focussed on helping anyone and everyone we could to adapt, pivot and to survive and thrive. We went ‘live’ on Fridays in our free Facebook Group (join here). We scoured the best of the best to share top tips to help you.

If you joined us you’ll know that we recorded these sessions to help you – they were packed with great content and we shared them with everyone we could. When you go to the Facebook Group you’ll see ‘Files’ and in there is a list of our ‘Friday Focus’ recordings. They’re there for you to download with our compliments.

And we knuckled down to turn all of our offerings to more accessible online versions. (Basically we did all the ‘stuff’ we’d been meaning to do for ages. You may have found you’ve done the same!)

You’ll be pleased to know we focus on content and community. So we’re here to help more of you run your businesses more easily, giving you more free time while making more profit. And within a community of people with similar goals and aims.

Our top download – and one of the simplest to implement – is the 9 Box Model. I created this one page business plan because I was fed up of all the complexity in so many of the business plans available. I like to keep things simple and easy to apply. So I took all my past experiences and training and condensed decades of learning into THIS model which I share widely. It has:

9 Boxes – The Nine Essential Elements for Business Success. (NEEBS)

3 Pillars – The first one is all about you, second is the engine room of your business and the third is about systemising and streamlining for growth and scaling your business – so it’s not just you having to do everything. 

4 Cornerstones – Why you’re in business, your financials, systemising for simplicity and consistency, and results. 1 Page

Download your copy from the Facebook Group – click through, go to the Files section (on the right under ‘9 Box NEEBS Model‘ and it’s all yours!

And score yourself in each area. You’ll find 4 boxes beneath each box – they are there for you to add your score each quarter. Then decide which is the most important box for YOU to work on.

We’ll share our other top downloads with you in the next few blogs. All with our compliments. The next blog will feature a one page download to help you get all your goals for a whole year, prioritized onto one page. Great for 2021!

See you in the facebook group.

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