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Not having simple structures in place to manage your money means you’re likely to be losing a lot of it . . . think of it like a ‘leaky bucket’.   

  • Perhaps you’re too busy to collect in money that’s due to you?  (I’ve seen businesses close down because of that.)
  • Perhaps you’re mostly keeping on top of it but not really ‘managing’ your money in the best way . . . that could be costing you lack of growth on your money.  When you know what’s yours, what’s the tax man’s and what’s available to invest you have more options to make your money work for YOU.
  • Maybe you hate certain months because you’ll have those tax bills to pay – whether that’s income or personal taxes, or VAT each quarter, or even Corporation Tax a couple of times a year.
  • Or it could be the lack of certainty that adversely impacts your confidence and clarity.

But of course it really doesn’t have to be that way . . .


I wanted an easier life.  No stress.  A simple way to quickly access the right information.  A way to make sure the money was always there for those bills – even the big ones!

And I got it when I created the Financial Accelerator Plan.

It’s the simplest 2 part plan.  It lists what you check each and every month in part 1.

Then it lists what you need to take action on in each specific month in part 2.

It means our Accounts Team (bookkeepers, accountants, and us!) all have a very clear grasp of exactly what is going on every month.  It takes me around 20 minutes – once or twice a month with the bookkeeper to know EXACTLY what money is where and to make sure money is ‘set aside’ into a completely separate account each month.  And that’s including having a good catchup conversation too.

Simple.  Fast.  A joy to do.

And all because I created a simple template (don’t get me wrong . . . it took me years to make it this simple and powerful . . . I kept tweaking and refining  The simplest things look easy IF you/someone has put the work into creating and refining).

You can claim a copy for yourself and take 3 simple steps to get it working for you.

Step 1 – click here and claim your Financial Accelerator Plan

Step 2 – delete anything you don’t need – for example, if you’re not VAT registered – remove all VAT ref’s.  If things change you can download a fresh copy another time.

Step 3 – customise it.  Check the important dates for you and your business.

Then you can use it to save yourself stress, time, energy and money . . . forever.

You’re welcome 🙂 

Next Steps:

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  2. Want more info/help?  Talk to me in the free facebook group (see intro) or join us inside the membership – remember there’s no time commitment and in 4 months you’ll go through the whole cycle and see why people stay.  And you can decide to love it or leave it. 

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Let’s get right into it because I have a great post idea for you today.

It’s the “10 best of all time” post. 

Here it is:

So, why is this a great content idea?

Well, for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s entertaining
  2. It’s easy to consume
  3. It’s also easy to create

Now, you might be thinking:

“But Emily, I’m a [insert your profession]. What does this content have to do with me?”

You see, anyone can create a “10 best of all time” post.

Are you in real estate? 👉 “The 10 most expensive properties ever sold.”

Are you in finance? 👉 “The 10 best finance tips for entrepreneurs.”

Are you a safety advisor? 👉 “The 10 biggest fires in history.”

Do you get the idea?

Now, I want you to actually try this.

It’s good quality content, and it’s something that you can share with your audience today.  You can put your own style/spin on it – informative, educational, entertaining or even controversial . . . 


EG:  One of the most difficult things when it comes to posting regularly on LinkedIn can be coming up with consistent ideas for content and what content works best for your business. 

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