2023 07 14 – How to Accelerate Your Goals


As we leave the first six months of 2023 behind us and get into the flow of Quarter 3 I’m wondering how much progress you are consistently making towards the achievement of your goals?

Having spoken to a few business owners lately who despair of ever achieving the goals THEY WANT TO ACHIEVE – it seems there’s just too much demand on them and their time.

But sometimes the real truth is that they are too busy working to keep up with ‘demand’ in their business to do the work that will really move them and their business forward.  I get it . . . I’ve been there and fallen into that trap too!  

You go faster, work longer hours, feel exhausted before you even start and still your goals seem to have moved even farther away on your horizon.

But too often the activities relating to demand are NOT what makes the business succeed.  It’s caused because we’ve messed up on managing our time, staying focussed, refining our processes for marketing and sales.  And way too often it’s fixing what’s gone wrong.  ‘Fire-fighting’.  Which can be disheartening.

It really doesn’t have to be like that . . . and the way to stop it is to take a deliberate pause.


Last week we took a very deliberate pause with our 90dayaccelerator members.  We do it EVERY 90DAYS minimum.  (We also have a mid-quarter check in to make sure people are on track – or we help them get back on track!)

So here’s our tip for you when you press ‘pause’.

Take time to get clear on what you planned, what you achieved and the difference – in April, May and June.

Only when you feel you’ve got the lessons . . . move forward and create your Q3 goal plan for July, August and September.  You can claim our super-simple template fondly known as the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ – we’ve renamed it:  your ‘GOALS ACCELERATOR” template.

It’s a great, simple visual that helps you increase your focus on a 3-month/90day window.  Just like we do.  It’s how we get results that keep improving and become the great habits to help us keep moving forward.

Maybe you’ll even want to join us at our next workshop and get an inside peek into how it works and the tools/workbook/resources.  Or maybe even explore what you get inside the membership.  

Either way – we are here to help you get clear on WHAT YOU’RE WORKING TOWARDS, and BY WHEN.  Whether you choose free or paid.

After all Napoleon Hill said ‘What the mind of man can conceive, and believe, he can achieve’.  So get your vision for Q3 clear and written down.  Our template helps.

Next Steps:

  1. Follow me – Mary –  on LinkedIn.  Each week I share ONE SIMPLE RESOURCE you can implement to improve your life and business.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/marycollin1/ 
  2. Claim your “GOALS ACCELERATOR”: Template and start creating YOUR Q3 PLAN.  Keep it simple.  That’s how things get done.
  3. Want more info/help?  Talk to me in the free facebook group (see intro) or join us inside the membership – remember there’s no time commitment and in 4 months you’ll go through the whole cycle and see why people stay.  And you can decide to love it or leave it. 

    The most affordable coaching programme, resources and support to help you really make the change you’re looking for.


What’s a mistake you’ve made in the last year and recently realised?

Well, don’t tell me. Tell your audience about it. 

Just like Joe did on this post right here:

Here’s the thing: 

Nobody knows everything about everything. 

Life & business are just a big game of testing things and “figuring it out” as it goes. 

An inevitable part of it is making mistakes. 

And your audience doesn’t expect you to be perfect. 

Actually, sharing with them the things you’ve done wrong makes you so much more relatable. 

And relatability is something that will give your content on LinkedIn more attention. 


One of our most difficult things when it comes to posting good content regularly on LinkedIn is coming up with ideas for content and knowing what content works best for your business. And we often hear people say that doing that consistently is a real challenge.

But it doesn’t have to be!

We’ve created “LinkedIn Content Secrets” – a 32-page e-Book packed with our collective knowledge on LinkedIn about what works best and what strategies will get you more leads from LinkedIn. 

Get your copy now.

Click here: www.resources.90dayplanning.co.uk/Content-Secrets  

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