2023 06 23 – HOW ARE YOUR RESULTS?


If ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ we must all be having loads of fun!  At least I hope so as each quarter seems to whizz by!  Or is it just me?

Let’s take a moment to pause and reflect as we hurtle towards the end of the second quarter of the year.  You know we always recommend focussing on each quarter – 90day chunks are great for helping get clarity and focus.  Without that regular time-bound focus it’s all too easy for your life and business to just go rushing past at breakneck speed.

Are you surprised that half the year is almost done?  Whether your answer is yes or no, this is the perfect time to review your RESULTS.


If there are 3 things to focus on to ensure you get the results you choose I wonder which are working BEST for you, and which need attention?  

Let’s get back to the good old ‘Formula for Success’ – it’s simple and will help you see where the gaps might be for you.

MA x RS x C = S

which means:

Massive Action x Right Stuff x Consistency = Results

You can work quickly and simply through the formula – here are some guide questions:

  • Are you taking Massive Action?  Or do you know you’re not taking enough?
  • Are you working on the Right Stuff – or do you know you’re getting caught up in things that will take you out of the game and not ‘move the needle’ in the right direction.  (I’ve experienced some of that this quarter so that’s an area I’m looking at more closely!)
  • What’s your level of Consistency like?  This is where I see most businesses fall down.  Good intentions just don’t cut it.  Are you showing up consistently, doing the right things consistently? 

    This holds true across all areas of business . . . are you making sure you combine marketing, sales and delivery consistently ?- NEVER turning any of them off, just up or down to suit your needs?

It’s a simple formula but working it forwards or backwards is helpful.  You can usually tell within a few minutes what really needs your attention to make a difference.

I know . . . I’ve used it myself for years to make the small consistent changes – every 90 days -that make life easier  . . . if you do it.

Will you?

Next Steps:

  1. Follow me – Mary –  on LinkedIn.  Each week I share ONE SIMPLE RESOURCE you can implement to improve your life and business.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/marycollin1/ 
  2. We’re getting ready for our next Full Day Workshop on Friday 7th July – just 2 weeks away.  We’ll start by reviewing Q2 and making sure we learn the lessons to make those changes for Q3.   Want more info/help?  Talk to me in the free facebook group (see intro).


I usually always share ideas about how to get more views on your content. 

But today I want to talk to you about getting leads. 

Because that’s the end goal for most of us, isn’t it?

So, let’s take a look at the example I have for you:

Now, at a first glance, you might think this post has nothing special to it.

But the thing is, this post does one thing really well:

It proves David’s competency. 

And this is essential for content that generates leads. 

Now, how does he do it? Let’s see:

  • “In the last 14 days we’ve onboarded 10 new awesome clients.”
  • “One of them, closed two $1,000 deals already.”
  • “Another one closed a £3,500 deal.”

All of those sentences show that David knows how to get results for his clients. 

The question now is, how can you show that you can get results for yours?

The answer is what you should be sharing on your next LinkedIn post 😉


EG:  One of our most difficult things when it comes to posting regularly on LinkedIn is coming up with consistent ideas for content and what content works best for your business. 

We’ve created a 32-page E-Book full of our collective knowledge on LinkedIn. What works best and what strategies will get you more leads from LinkedIn. 

Want a copy? Click here: www.resources.90dayplanning.co.uk/Content-Secrets

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