2023 03 24 – RESULTS


As we head towards the end of Quarter 1 I’m wondering how you are doing?  All your (UK at least) Tax Returns in?  Hopefully you had everything prepared well ahead of time and you’re not allowing HMRC to set your schedule!  

Hope you were also ready with the set aside tax monies and your accountant loves you for being so organised! 

I also hope that you found it easy to get and stay on track with your goals.  Don’t be one of those people who’ve just got caught up in the day to day business of ‘doing the do’ and wondering where the first 3 months went.

You’ll never get time back so that’s why we’re always encouraging you to use your time well.  And it’s also why we give free downloads, support and those quarterly 5-Day Challenges and Webinars sharing all our best stuff.

I hope you’ve been taking full advantage throughout the quarter and there is still time to do the 5-Day Challenge at your own pace AND to watch the ‘Unshakeable Business Mastery’ if you know you could achieve better results and you’re ready to in Q2.

How clear are you on YOUR RESULTS?


Of course you know what I’m going to say next . . . it’s so much easier when you USE the tools and resources we give you – and when you engage in our facebook group.  It’s all free and we can be on this journey WITH YOU but we cannot do it FOR YOU.

So as we prepare for our Full Day Quarterly workshop with our members (a week later than usual as we have a bank holiday coming up on 7th April) – on 14th April we will be reviewing our RESULTS for quarter 1 and learning the lessons.  

And only AFTER we’ve done that will we plan – using the same FOUNDATION STEP tools and resources we share with you.  I wonder if you’re using them?

If you’re not sure then make sure you click in section 3 to get the WEBINAR REPLAY for Unshakeable Business Mastery – and start using what we share.

We want your results to improve . . . guessing YOU do too . . . 

And let us know if you’d like to know more about the workshop, or membership.


9 words that generated 21,702 likes

Yes, you read that right. 

The post I’ve got for you today has a grand total of 9 words in it. 

No random selfie. 

No carousel. 

No “optimized” hook. 

And still, it generated 21,702 likes, 292 comments, and 547 reposts. 

It probably got a million views, at least.

Here it is:

So, how is this possible?

How can 9 simple words get so much attention?

The answer is actually quite simple. 

It’s not because of the 9 words that this post worked. 

It’s because of who wrote them: Mark Manson. 

The thing is, Mark has built a massive personal brand. 

And that allows him to get huge traction. 

So, any time people see his name pop up in their feed, they pay attention.

Now, can you do the same thing? Can you post 9 words right now and get the same results?

The answer is, most likely not. 

But the more you invest in your personal brand, the more likely it will be that you can get away with it.

That’s why perhaps you shouldn’t wait until tomorrow to post something. 

Just saying 😉


One of our most difficult things when it comes to posting regularly on LinkedIn is coming up with consistent ideas for content and what content works best for your business. 

We’ve created a 32-page E-Book full of our collective knowledge on LinkedIn. What works best and what strategies will get you more leads from LinkedIn. 

Want a copy? Click here: resources.90dayplanning.co.uk/Content-Secrets 

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