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If I had £1 for every time I’ve heard business owners complain about their Team (or other people generally) . . . I’d have . . . (well you know how that goes!). 🤭

Joking aside – so many of us are so busy and wrapped up in our own thoughts and actions that we really don’t spend (or invest) much time on thinking about the impact of our behaviour on those around us.

It links in with the idea of ‘what other people think of you is not your business’ – or as my great mentor Bob Patmore once said ‘if you knew how little other people were thinking of you, you really wouldn’t give it a second thought! – especially as they’re too busy thinking about themselves.’

Bob is right.  So often people are busy and wrapped up in their own world with their own issues.

That’s how communication breaks down.  We stop listening or asking.

  • The person who joins you (either as a client or a team member) then leaves for no obvious reason, leaving you confused about ‘what happened?’
  • The person you think is ghosting you or fobbing you off, maybe even giving you the run around.

I’m sure you can think of plenty of other examples where things just don’t go quite according to plan and where you feel disappointed with how it went down.

Over the years we’ve picked up business from people who became clients of ours.  They told us  they felt like they hadn’t been followed up properly by other business coaches they’d met and their assumption was ‘they’re not interested in having me as a client’ or ‘maybe I’m not a good client for them’.   The real truth was that the person before didn’t care enough to actually follow up and build a relationship with the prospect.  You wouldn’t believe how many times that’s happened (or maybe you might!).

Of course there are some really simple ways to avoid this.


Most of us like to feel valued and respected.  

Team members like to feel that they are part of something and that they can add value to you and you can add value to them.

Your home team (family, partners, friends) also like to feel that they’re important to you.

So here are a few simple ideas to get more out of your relationships – personal and professional.  They work for us and for many others.  Take the ones that will work for you, and feel good about the ones you’re already doing.  Can you take them up a notch or two?

  1. Make a list of your TEAM – and specify which Team they are on – home, work, advisers, professionals, etc. (By the way – if you’re a business owner you’ll have a whole group of advisers – bank, solicitor, accountant, mortgage adviser/financial adviser, etc) 
  2. Score yourself on how you think they feel valued by you.  Not the value/importance YOU give to them.  Think about what THEY would say.

    If you’ve really brave – ask THEM to tell you what they think.  Then ask what you can do to raise that score.
    TIP:  I remember Andy asking me (many years ago) ‘What would I have to do to keep you?’ and ‘What would I have to do to lose you?’ – two fantastic questions that set the tone for us for the last 20 years.  Imagine how quickly you can get aligned and on the same page!
  3. Start thinking about TEAM as ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’.  We can’t do everything ourselves.  The more we value others and let them know, the more we all work together and pull in the same direction.  That makes life easier and more fun!
  4. And extra bonus points for those of you who have investigated your own ‘Behavioural Profile’ – but only if you understand it and use it.

    Double points if you also use it to better understand what makes OTHER PEOPLE tick and you adapt your behaviour to communicate more effectively.

Just a few thoughts and ideas . . . I’d love to know what you think . . . 


Not all your posts need to be life-changing.

That means, not all your posts need to drastically change the life of your audience. 

With content, it’s more important to show up consistently than to overcomplicate things. 

And what complicates your content?

Trying to create masterpieces every time you sit down to write. 

To be honest, it’s a waste of time. Because you don’t need every post to be a masterpiece. 

All you need is to show up and bring some form of value that your audience finds interesting enough.

A simple tip can do the trick. 

Like this post by Daniel Perjesi right here:

You see how simple this post is?

Yes, you definitely can create better content than this. 

But the idea here is to show up all the time so people see you. 

Volume matters. Speed matters. Don’t let perfection get in the way.

This is actually a reminder I need for myself as well!


One of our most difficult things when it comes to posting regularly on LinkedIn is coming up with consistent ideas for content and what content works best for your business. 

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