2023 02 17 – Sales (Getting & Keeping Clients)


Talking to a business owner the other day they talked about how they were fed up with ‘revolving door’ clients.  They come in, they go out as quickly.  And that – definitely – is not what the plan was.

For most people it takes a fair bit of effort to actually GET a client.  So losing them quickly when you’re looking for retention is painful.  And demoralising.


Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way.  There are a couple of things I’d recommend here and they relate to two of my favourite words:  MANAGING EXPECTATIONS.

Yours AND theirs.

Q – How clear are you on your ‘customer journey’ – the experience someone has when they’re about to become a client of yours.  Are you clear on each of the steps and how helpful they are to encourage someone to trust you and know what you can do for them.  You want them to be clear so that they want to come on the journey, WITH YOU.

Q – How good is your client Welcome?

Do you have Client Commitment Statements?  An onboarding process?  Does it explain how it works to work with you?  Do you manage their expectations of what happens next?

Q – How good is your ‘keep in touch’ process?

Once you’ve got a client on board, that’s not the end of it.  It’s the end of the Sales phase and the beginning of the Delivery phase (more of that next week).

Do they hear from you regularly?  Do they know how to contact you?

That’s it for now – short and simple for this week.  If you want to know more hit reply and ask us for an outline ‘Sales Process’.

There’s one thing I’ve seen work well  recently:

The use of questions. 

Because you can only get answers once you start asking questions. 

Pretty obvious, right?

But today, I want to show you how you can use questions to create an amazing post for LinkedIn.

Here is the example:

So, why does this type of content work?

First of all, because it’s easy to create. 

You probably already ask all of these questions to your prospects/clients as a part of the work you do for them.

Plus, they probably ask you many of these questions as well. 

All you have to do is pay attention to them. 

And second, these questions directly help your prospects/clients solve their problems.

It often happens that part of the problem they have is a lack of clarity. 

By forcing them to ask the right questions, you’re helping them get clear on what they actually need to do. 

It’s an easy piece of content to create, so why don’t you post it right away?


One of our most difficult things when it comes to posting regularly on LinkedIn is coming up with consistent ideas for content and what content works best for your business. 

We’ve created a 32-page E-Book full of our collective knowledge on LinkedIn. What works best and what strategies will get you more leads from LinkedIn. 

Want a copy? Click here: resources.90dayplanning.co.uk/Content-Secrets 

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