2023 01 13 – Don’t fall off track . . .


Are you back in the saddle again after the holidays?  Feeling good and moving forward?

For us it’s one week on from our first full day 90day-accelerator workshop of the year and we’re all 

refining our plans and getting down to the regular actions to move us a day and week at a time to the achievement of our goals.

So how are you feeling in the second week of the year . . . getting focussed and clear?  Taking action?

Or feeling like so many who start with great intentions but get distracted and ‘fall off the wagon’?  It’s like the ‘same old, same old’ resolutions story.

But that’s not great because it’s exactly what to do to feel really disappointed in yourself, and can lead to ‘why bother setting goals?  They’re just fantasies.  I never achieve them.  Something always gets in the way.’   Or even ‘well, if I don’t set goals then I can’t be disappointed that I don’t achieve them.’  

Ouch!  That’s a prescription for beating yourself up – even if you just do it internally.


My Irish mother always used to say to me ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’.  An old saying (which used to drive me mad) but I understand now that good intentions are not enough. 

Character is built on keeping your word.  And it’s built even more so when you keep your word to/with yourself.

That’s why we work with the Stairway to Heaven as our Goal Achievement tool.  And why we recommend it to you.

Imagine – having your goals for the quarter clear and visible.  Written down.  So you can share them with whoever it’s right to.  Then you can get aligned and be ‘on the same page’.

Then you just do what you’ve tasked yourself to.  Claim time in your calendar to do the work to take those steps.

‘A step at a time, a week (or month/day/hour) at a time’.  That’s our mantra.  Why not make it yours and make sure YOU take a step in the right direction in the week ahead.  Even tiny steps in the right direction mount up and make a difference.  That’s the effect of ‘compounding’.  Building.

Next Steps:

  1. Last week we suggested you use our one page ‘Stairway to Heaven’ as your Goal Achievement System.   You can get it here if you missed it.
  2. Join us inside the free 90dayplanning group for ongoing support and more resources.  Link in intro above.
  3. Follow me – Mary-  on LinkedIn.  Each week I share ONE SIMPLE RESOURCE you can implement to improve your life and business.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/marycollin1/ 

Are you ready to grasp the opportunities of this new year?

We are!

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