2022 18 11 – Mastering Your Money


Is your financial situation at ‘cause’ or at ‘effect’?

By that I mean are you at the effect of people not paying you on time or at the effect of not having your tax and VAT money set aside and ready to pay those tax bills when they come in?

I see too many people struggling to collect in money that is owed to them. And worse – going into a kind of ‘shock’ when they say ‘oh no, I’ve got a big tax bill – what am I going to do? How can I pay it?!’ That kind of lack of control leads to ‘oh now I can’t pay my bills either!’.

It can quickly escalate and spread like a virus from one business to another as they are increasingly at the effect of others.

It’s scary and I know . . . I used to be like that. The money would come in and it would sit in my bank account giving me a completely false sense of security. I’d forgotten that a big chunk of it was NOT MY MONEY. The tax man would come calling for it and I’d be asking myself if I had enough.

That’s a problem because not mastering your money, your financials, can be a massive stressor for any business owner – whatever size or type of business you have.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. I found out how to stop that and get control. And I’ve been sharing it widely ever since. Free . . . because I don’t want any business owner to go through that stress. There’s enough to keep us busy without making it worse for ourselves.


You can take control of your finances quickly and easily – and move from being ‘at the effect’ of others to ‘being at cause’ and managing it in the way you CHOOSE. You create the results you focus on.

How? Using a one page MONEY MASTERY CHECKLIST that I’ve created for you to tailor to your own situation. Tailor it once, use it forever.

It’s simple.

Just 2 parts.

Part 1 – once you’ve customised this you use it EVERY MONTH (as many times as you need TO GET & KEEP CONTROL of all of your financials.

Part 2 – once you’ve customised this you use it EVERY MONTH to identify WHAT needs your attention THIS/CURRENT MONTH? It’s a simple month by month list – it’s quick and easy.

You ask ‘what month are we in?’

Then you go to that month in the list and get the right stuff done!

Want your copy? email us here saying ‘Financials’ (and see the What’s On section (3) if you’d like my help walking you through it in December . . .


Here’s the easiest way to start a LinkedIn post:

Transcribe the things your audience doesn’t like hearing.

Let me explain.

Everyone struggles with objections.

Whether you’re in sales, or in consulting, or an entrepreneur, you will get objections.

From your clients, from your investors, from your employees, etc.

Now, if you start your post literally writing the exact objections that your audience gets around a specific issue, they will pay attention.

Why, you might ask?

Because they’ll feel related. They’ll feel that this is a problem that they’re having.

Now, let’s take a look at an example of what this looks like in practice:


You see how easy this is?

Now, put this into action by writing down the objections your audience gets.

And create your next post around them.

One of our most difficult things when it comes to posting regularly on LinkedIn is coming up with consistent ideas for content and what content works best for your business.

We’ve created a 32-page E-Book full of our collective knowledge on LinkedIn. What works best and what strategies will get you more leads from LinkedIn.

Want a copy? Click here: resources.90dayplanning.co.uk/Content-Secrets

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