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Today’s topic is ‘TEAM’ which to us means Together Everyone Achieves More. I firmly believe in that as we can do so much more together than we can ever do individually.

We are living through the most historic week I’ve ever experienced – the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II – and the accession of a new King, Charles III. Within a 72 hour window we also welcomed a new Prime Minister in the UK. Changes in 2 top areas of leadership in the UK: head of state and the head of the monarchy. It made me think of TEAM – recruitment, induction, taking on a role, passing a role on to a new incumbent, and so much more.

I invite you to join with me in reflecting on ‘leadership lessons learned’.

  1. What are the qualities of leadership that you look for, admire or expect?
  2. What are the qualities of leadership that you display or embody?


Please think of your own business, your own life. If it inspires you, reflect on the great leaders or the great qualities of leadership you’ve witnessed.

And share your words/qualities here in this Friday Focus Leadership post in our 90dayplanningfree group.

I hope you will click through and participate and share your thoughts.

You’re invited: For more guidance, resources and support on the 4 areas of TEAM – which we will share with you (and so much more) on our next free Webinar: “Remove Procrastination, Disorganisation & Lack of Clarity & Become Unstoppable” – see Section 3, point 3 to register and share.


I wanted to end the week with a simple idea for your LinkedIn content. Let’s look at the example and I’ll elaborate below:

So, here’s the idea for you:

You can create a post that gives your audience the basic principles to achieve something they want.

And you can use the “X rules to achieve Y” format to make it easier to consume and understand.

Just as Florian did.


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