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How quickly do YOU learn from experience and how do you apply that?

One of the problems I see all too often is where business owners are so busy ‘doing’ and trying to do more and more – and go faster and faster – working longer hours and having less time at home, or time out. Often it’s counter-productive because simply because going faster and doing more is NOT the BEST WAY to make life, and business, easier.

But it can be different, and making that change and enjoying the benefits can be so easy by applying a dynamic learning’ process. Isn’t everything ‘easy when you know’.


Let’s share one of our simplest , quickest and easiest to implement systems with you.

But first – a bit of a warning:

There’s a risk that you may skim over this and ignore it because it’s ‘too easy’. Please don’t do that because this is one system we use ALL the time and I can’t even begin to explain the huge positive difference it makes. It’s often the simplest things that make the biggest difference.

OK – so it’s the ‘LBs & NTs system’ and those abbreviations stand for Like Best and Next Time. Let me explain a bit more by giving you an example.

After events (eg seminars, webinars, meetings) or anything you want to do better – reach for a pen and paper (or your favourite note-taking system) and create 2 columns.

One on the left you’ll identify what you Like Best (to catch yourself/others doing things well – this should be a BIG LIST and we recommend including ‘the obvious’. This is about consciously capturing everything so you keep it in your process/system); and a column on the left where you’ll list what you could do Next Time to make things even better (must be a smaller, practical list of things you CAN do.)

It’s as simple as that at it’s core. The next step is what you DO as a result of reviewing your notes. You can usually quickly implement changes from the NTs column – things that often get mentioned but missed. These small changes make a massive difference over time – IF you do something about them.

It’s great for YOU to use and even better if you have a team – you can get them all involved. We’ve run seminars and events for decades and we believe the session isn’t finished until we’ve reviewed and collected the LBs & NTs from everyone involved in making it happen. We also encourage and direct all team members to include comments relating to BEFORE, DURING & AFTER the event. You can do it in a huddle, on a zoom or by email or whatsapp after (with a deadline).

We’ve created a template so you can customise your own version – for yourself and or your team – and use it in all sorts of situations. Using the ‘event’ example, you notice after each event your previous NTs become your latest LBs. Now that’s learning from experience and making small continuous improvements on an ongoing basis. The results are amazing if you keep using the system – we promise! J

Want a copy? send us an email and we’ll send you a copy over.


Today I’m sharing a classic type of LinkedIn post with you.

It’s the “book recommendation” post.

Here’s an example:

Now, this is a very basic type of post.

But the good news is that all audiences always appreciate it.

Because who doesn’t like a good book recommendation?

Think about it. It’s like when you meet with your friends and end up discussing the latest movies or TV shows you saw.

It’s the same premise.


Now, if you want to make this post extra powerful, focus on recommending books that are in line with the problems that you help your audience with.

For example, are you a sales consultant? You could post about Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount.

Or are you a marketer? You could share about Traffic Secrets by Russel Brunson.

You get the idea. The point is that whatever you share is relevant to your audience, and an additional resource for them to achieve their goals.

Would other suggestions like this be helpful to you?

LinkedIn can become an asset in your sales pipeline if it’s used correctly! One of our most popular downloads over the years has been ‘LinkedIn Content Secrets’.

This is one of our most under utilised tools, this book with over 32 pages of content will transform your knowledge on LinkedIn Marketing strategies!

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