2022 07 22 – Box 1 – Review your Morning Routine (how you start your day matters, every day)


How would you score yourself on starting your day right, every day?

The reason I ask is because I see way too many business owners who are full of good intentions that just don’t materialise into getting control of their day right from the start so that they can focus on the key things that will make the biggest difference. That leads to too much ‘busy-ness’ and fire-fighting, keeping them away from the game-changing work.

A classic example is ‘meaning to get clarity on exactly WHAT you’re focussed on doing/achieving’ . . . BUT . . . not starting by getting control of your day . . . EVERY day.

I completely resonate with this as it took me way too long to understand the real value and power of this. Think of today as “Step 1” of grabbing the reins and getting control of your DAY. Next week we’ll share “Step 2” – so make sure you check this download out first.


We created a really simple ‘Morning Routine’ document that helps our clients get really clear on exactly what to do to start every day strongly. I’ve refined this over 7 years and show you the options so you can choose what’s right for you.

Part 1 shows you the 6 reasons why getting control of your day matters to you.

Part 2 is the TEMPLATE & guide to craft YOUR ideal start. Take what works for you from the outline suggestions for 7 parts/stages, ignore the rest. Remember this is YOURS to craft from the examples/ideas.

Your personal version will vary – depending on

  • the type of person you are,
  • the stage you’re at in life & business;
  • how much time you are able/choose to invest in your morning routine, and
  • your personal preferences.

It puts you right back in charge and not ‘distracted’ by shiny pennies. Have you downloaded it yet? Have you personalised yours?

Just don’t be ‘too busy’ to take action. Let’s help you get control and achieve your results faster and easier.

Want a copy? Click here


Have you ever wondered how you get someone to trust you?

What needs to happen so that others think you’re the real deal?

Well, it actually is a combination of different things, but the one that is key is this:

That you somehow show others that you know more about a subject than they do.

The more you talk about that particular topic, and the more you’re able to teach others things that they don’t know, the more they will trust you.

That’s why content like this works so well:

​​​​​​​(click on the image to watch the full video)


You can see what Ben is doing here in this post – he is simply sharing his knowledge with his audience.

If you look at his profile, you’ll notice that he’s all about weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Because the majority of people struggle with this topic because they lack the discipline, they don’t have the knowledge, they don’t have the resources, it means that Ben’s content is of high value to them.

Because Ben is focused on learning everything there is about being healthy.

And that’s what your content has to transmit as well in some sort of way, but in your specific industry.

The bottom line is this: if you want people to trust you, share your knowledge consistently with them.

Q: What will people see when they look at YOUR profile? What are you ‘all about’? Is it clear to your reader?


Your profile can be one of the biggest roadblocks for business owners. That’s why one of our most popular downloads over the years has consistently been ‘9 Points to a Powerful Personal Profile’.

Your profile is one of the most under-utilised tools available to you. It costs nothing to make it work for you – just a small investment of your time. This download will allow you to use your profile as a lead-generation tool for your business AND show yourself as the expert in YOUR field!

Want a copy? Click here: https://90dayplanning.co.uk/9-points

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